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Under New Management

What is lordship? Lordship speaks to supreme power or rule over something, someone, and or, a group of people. Lordship happens in two ways. One way we see lordship is when someone gives, or allows, something or someone to reign over them. One example of this is when we give ourselves over to obsessions or addiction. When we abdicate our will to something or someone else, this is an act of submitting to a form of lordship. Another way lordship happens is when the true Lord of creation changes the motivations of our will, leading us to submit to His Lordship. This type of lordship is the kind that changes our lives for the better. These changes are not temporal, they are eternal. The lordship of Jesus Christ works in the life of believers in a way that leads them to grow spiritually under His lordship. This growth brings the confessing believer into a deeper relationship with Christ and a greater dependency upon Him. When this type of lordship happens the effects of it prove that the individual’s life is under new management.

This week, let us focus of the lordship of Jesus Christ. Let us look into the Scriptures in order to not only understand the Biblical view of lordship, but what a response to lordship should look like. My hope and prayer for us, throughout this week, is that we would begin to, or continue to, manifest the signs that our lives are under new management; the management of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Monday – Understanding sovereign lordship

Jesus is a lord like no other. Some will call themselves lord, yet they cannot execise sovereignty in their lordship. This is not the case with Jesus Christ. He is the true, sovereign Lord, because He is God. Therefore, the first step in understanding who the Lord is, is understading the weight of sovereign lordship. Read and meditate on Psalm 97 and please pay close attention to the actions of lordship as they reveal His power and authority.

Tuesday – Subbmission to sovereign lordship

Acknowledging the Lordship of God over your life is key to opening your heart, mind and will to Him. Submitting to His lordship is not only an act of reverence but an act of allegiance to God as the Lord over your life. In submission we prove that we agree with the holy Scriptures, that we are helplees without God. In this, God’s Spirit strengthenes and fortifies us with a sprirtual and eternal strength that the world cannot understand or have outside of a saving relatioship with Jesus Chist. Read Psalm 86:1-13 and meditate on the words written by King David as he, a great, fearless and powerful king, submitted to the lodship of God.

Wednesday – Sovereign lordship brings peace

To know Jesus as Lord is to find your peace, comfort and security in Him. Jesus said in John 14:27, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.” In this statement of truth, the Lord Jesus Christ was telling His followers that His lordship brings with it a peace that surpasses the wisdom of the world. The 23rdPsalm is a meditation for those who are under the shepherding of the sovereign Lordship of Jesus Christ. Read Psalm 23 and meditate on the words of comfort and security written by King David as he was trusting in the sovereign lordship of God.

Thursday – Sovereign lordship brings clarity

Submitting to the Lordship of Christ brings clarity of thought and a clear vision for the future. When you understand Biblical lordship, you understand the imperative nature of the words of the Lord our God over our lives. Read Job 22:21-30 and listen carefully to the words of Eliphaz. These words do not rightly apply to Job, in that God allowed Job’s suffering for a different reason, but these words do apply to us.

Friday – Sovereign lordship is tranformative

The New testament reaveals that Jesus is Lord. This is to say that the God/Man-Jesus Christ, in His life, death, resurrection and ascention has been crowned with Lordship by God the Father. For those who have believed in Jesus Christ, this understanding of His Lordship is identical to that which was revealed in the Old Testament. Having said this, confessing believers, as they submit to the lordship of Christ, must expierence transformation within their life. Read Philippians 2:1-11 and resolve in your heart to submit to the the Lordship of Christ in your life.

If you find this devotional helpful, please leave a comment on this page so that others will be encouraged and edified in their walk with Christ.

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