• Pastor Mike

Taking Stock Of Ourselves

God knows you better than you think.

Hearing these words can startle us because at times we like to believe that we are so private that what we do in secret is kept in secret. But thats not the way things really are. You see, the Scriptures teach that we live “Coram Deo” which is Latin for, “in the face of God”. Hebrews 4:13 says, “Nothing in all creation is hidden from God's sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.” Since this is the case, then we had better take stock of ourselves. I know this is not easy and its difficult to try and understand where to start, but I can offer some help.

Let me elaborate…

If we are truly convinced that God sees all that we do and is able to discern the intentions of our hearts, then we must first confess who we are to Him. This isn’t easy but what it does is it breaks down the wall of denial. When we deny who we actually are, we prevent ourselves from moving forward with positive change.

Secondly, we must believe that as we confess who we are to God He will reveal several life changing truths to our minds and hearts. Some of these are:

  • Forgiveness — The ability to pardon ourselves and others

  • Healing — The process of recuperating from the hurt that has been done to us, and the hurt we have inflicted upon others

  • Strengthening — The ability to see our faults and understand how overcoming them can make us stronger for the future

  • Change — The ability to positively understand the new direction our lives need to take

Finally, trusting in God and His power to heal and transform our lives is pivotal to taking stock of ourselves. What good will it do us to confess who we are to God if we do not trust that He will help us? God has promised to help all those that have put their full faith and trust in the saving work of His Son Jesus Christ. If we believe this, then we must trust in the fact that God will not leave us as orphans. Rather, as a loving Father cares for His children, God will work all things for our good.

I know that it's by no means easy to make this kind of life change. However, God makes it easy as we yield ourselves to Him, one step at a time. So take the first step and confess who you are to God. This difficult first step opens the door to all the others, and I guarantee you that as you take these steps, you’ll find newness of life.

May God bless you…


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