• Pastor Mike

12 Part Series - Living a Life of Resolution.

Part 7 - Resolved for Holiness

One of the most difficult things to do is to resist the crowd. What I mean is, it is very hard to not do what everyone else is doing, especially when the crowd is following a social trend. For believers in Jesus Christ, God calls us to be mindful of the fact that we must think and act differently than the rest of the world. We must place our thoughts and actions under a higher standard. This is where holiness begins.

God wants for us to be set apart, or holy, from the unholiness of the world. Does this mean that we are to cut ourselves off from the rest of the world? No. In fact, God wants for us to be involved in world events, yet from a holy perspective. We do not seek holiness in order to receive salvation. On the contrary, we are to be holy because of our salvation. You see, salvation is the root of our holiness, and holiness is the fruit of our salvation. This is not an easy task, but praise be to God that He has sent us His Holy Spirit to guide us as we attempt to be resolved for holiness. Leviticus 20:26 tells us how God has set the believers apart (holiness) from this world for Himself, and Jesus Christ makes this possible for all who have believed in Him. So be resolved for holiness, its more attainable than you think.


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