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12 Part Series - Living a Life of Resolution.

Part 10 - Resolved for Forgiveness

Offering forgiveness is difficult. I think that it’s so difficult because we misunderstand what forgiveness is. Jesus was asked in Matthew 18:21-22, how many times should we forgive our brothers. To which He replied, “seventy-seven times.” Jesus wasn’t putting a number on the amount of times we should offer forgiveness as much as He was indicating that we are to be ready to offer forgiveness at every point in our relationship with each other. This does not mean that we allow ourselves to be treated as door mats, nor that every relationship will be restored to its former state. Offering forgiveness means that we no longer hold a grudge against someone else. Harboring resentment and anger towards those who injure us only poisons our own hearts and hinders our existing relationships with others. So be resolved for forgiveness, you’ll be surprised how it will change your life and the life of those who injure you.

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