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"The Perfections of God"

Part 3 of 20

This study briefly looks into the aseity of God. The aseity of God simply means that God is sufficient, in and of Himself and has no beginning and no end. Because of His aseity,  God  is not controlled by His creation, but is sovereign over His creation. As we come to understand this truth about God' perfection it will lead us to a greater reliance upon Him.

"The Perfections of God"

Part 2 of 20

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Understanding God's perfections begins with understanding that God is holy. Holiness this capstone of all of God's perfections. Understanding this theological truth is the North Star of our getting to know God as God. Without comprehending the holiness of God we cannot full submit to His will because we will always take issue with the things He does and doesn't do, that we disagree with. May this study enlighten you and sanctify you in your walk with Christ.

Understanding that God is self-sufficient helps us, the created, look to Him as our sufficiency for all things. The God of the Bible is the only true God over all because He was not created, nor is He dependent upon anyone or anything for His existence. In this short study we will look at the self-sufficiency of God in contrast to our need to be sustained. The goal here is that the more we come to know God, the more we will rely upon Him for all things in our life.

"The Perfections of God"

Part 4 of 20

What is a divine attribute and how are divine attributes, different from human attributes? We are created in God's image according to the Scriptures, yet we exist in the material realm, whereas God exists in the spiritual realm. Because of this vast difference in being, between God and us, our attributes are not like God's. Our attributes are exercised from time to time, whereas God is all of His attributes, all of the time. God's attributes can rightly be called therefore, His perfections. In this study we will look at the difference between God's divine perfections and our human attributes. I believe that through this understanding we will develop a deeper reverence for the person, mind and will of God.

"The Perfections of God"

Part 5 of 20

After coming to a saving knowledge of Christ, everything from our sanctification to our serving Christ as a faithful disciple hinges on our intimate knowledge of God the Father. You cannot please God if you do not know God. The knowledge of God is that important.

Join me each Sunday as we endeavor on this 20 part series titled, "The Perfections of God". I hope that through this study you will come to know God at a deeper, more sanctifying level and that not only you, but your family as well, will be blessed and encouraged.

"The Perfections of God"

Part 1 of 20 (Intro)

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