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Our Good Shepherd

There are so many voices speaking into our lives, that at times it can be difficult to know who to listen to. For this reason Jesus proclaimed Himself as our Good Shepherd. As our shepherd it is Christ who leads us throughout our lives. It is His voice and His alone that should influence our thoughts and actions. When our ears are tuned to His voice, His calling, it is then that our lives take on a new focus, a new trajectory. So, where do you find yourself today? Are you listening to the voice of Christ, or are you listening to the voice of another?

Living Victoriously

During times such as these we as a people and as a nation, can feel defeated. We look around the world and see the suffering and death that this pandemic has caused and it’s easy to feel depressed and defeated. But take heart, because in Christ we are not a defeated people. The coronavirus may have the power to take lives and we pray that it doesn’t, but this virus can never rob us of our eternal hope that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.


Since this is the reality for those who are in Christ, we are called to live victoriously!