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How often do you stop and take in the fact that everything that has been created, has been created for the glory of God? And since this is the reality of existence, how often do you stop and praise God? In this sermon, Pastor Mike will illustrate that our creation and salvation is all for the glory, praise, and worship of God.

As our Savior and Lord, Jesus is also our example. And as such, He teaches us that our goal, just like His, must be to serve the gospel to all of mankind. This truth will lead us to people that we would not normally engage with. And that's just the point. In this sermon, Pastor Mike will highlight the truth that the gospel is open to all people and therefore it is the believers duty, to serve it faithfully.

Many people call Jesus their Lord, but the way they live does not support this statement. In this sermon, Pastor Mike will highlight the words of John, who is reflecting on the Lord ship of Jesus Christ and the consequences for refusing to follow Him.

Joy in the Lord. How does this statement sit with you? If you are a confessing believer in Christ, this statement should bring you an overwhelming expression of love toward Christ. If not, then you would be advise to briefly analyze your relationship with Him. If you are and unbeliever, I would like to invite you to come and hear what joy in the Lord is all about.

The most pressing message in the Bible can be found in John 3:16-21. In these verses Jesus gives us the purpose of His ministry and the significance of it. You will be hard pressed to take heed of His words.

Everyone want to give the perfect gift; the gift that keeps on giving. But the reality is that all gifts will fade and become outdated with time. But any gift that God gives will never fade and never become outdated. This is what John 3:16 promises us. In this sermon Pastor Mike will highlight the magnitude and slender of John 3:16.

Many things will fail us in this life, but God's love toward us in Jesus Christ will never fail. In this sermon, Pastor Mike will highlight the Biblical truth that God's love never fails us.

The joy of the Lord! How wonderful does this sound? Yet for many, they have not yet experienced this awesome joy. Why is this so? Well in this sermon, Pastor Mike will illustrate, through the Scriptures, that the joy of the Lord can only be received and maintained though a saving relationship with Christ. And it is Christ's joy that never grows weary, but only gets stronger.

From where does your joy come? Better asked, from whom does your joy come? If we want to take stock of our lives, it is imperative that we find the answers to these questions. But greater still, the true answer to our source of joy must come from the Bible. In this sermon, Pastor Mike will illustrate, through the life of the psalmist, how unshakable joy can only be found in Christ.

Waiting for someone can be hard, especially if that someone you're waiting on is supposed to change your life. As we wait on the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, it can become easy to lose hope in His return. But for the confessing believer, we are to live with a great expectation of His return and this expectation must be rooted in an unshakable hope. In this sermon Pastor Mike will explain how hoping in Christ does not let us down or put us to shame. In fact, hoping in Christ builds us up and strengthens us.

How is your Spiritual health? We all try to take care of our physical health, but how often do we nurture our spiritual health? In this sermon, Pastor Mike will illustrate that our spiritual health must come as first importance within our lives. Furthermore, it is only through the Scriptures that we can understand the gravity of our spiritual deficiencies.

What are you thankful for, and who are you thankful to? It's important for us to allow these questions to broaden our perspective past this American holiday. Giving thanks, being grateful and living with gratitude are fruitless unless all of that is directed toward the Divine Creator. In this Thanksgiving sermon Pastor Mike will illustrate, through the words of the Psalmist, what our thanks should consist of. May you be blessed and encouraged through it.

How can I become a Christian? How can I be saved from the penalty of my sin? If you have ever asked these questions, or are interested in finding the answers, listen to the words of Jesus in John 3:1-8. In this sermon, Pastor Jay Lee will expound upon the words of Jesus that bring forgiveness and live to all who believe in Him.

These days it is hard to give our trust to anyone. Yet more so was it for Jesus to put His trust in those who claimed to believe in Him. Why? Because He knows what is in the heart of man. Try as we might, we will never be able to hide our intentions from Christ Jesus. And as confessing believers in Him, we have been entrusted with His gospel, in order to lead others to know Him. Therefore, we must be honest with Jesus about what our intentions are.

What should a believers disposition be toward the word of God and the life that He has called us to? Well, in the verses before us today, Pastor Mike will show us that deep and abiding zeal is the proper response. This is what Jesus felt deep in His own heart and lived out, and this is what we should feel and express as well.

Why turn ordinary water into wine? Well for that matter, why perform any miracles at all? What is the purpose behind the signs and wonders of Jesus Christ? In this sermon, Pastor Mike will show us that every part of Jesus' ministry is for the progressive revelation of His glory.

How do sinful people connect with a Holy God? How are the prayers of man brought before God? What is mans connection to heaven? The answer to all of these question is Jesus, the Christ. In this sermon, Pastor Mike will show us that Jesus is the long-awaited connection between heaven and earth - God and man - forgiveness and salvation.

Why do you follow Jesus? Is it because you love Him, or is it because you want something from Him? In this sermon, Pastor Mike will help us see that the greatest thing we should seek is Christ himself.

The greatest need for mankind is not world peace, an end to poverty, or even social justice. No, the greatest need for mankind is the Lamb of God, who has taken away the sins of all who have believed in Him. In this sermon, Pastor Mike will flesh out the significance of the revelation of Jesus Christ as the Lamb of God.

The life of the confessing believer must be a living testimony to the transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This means that our testimony to Christ must be growing day by day. And as we grow, our stature must decrease, so that Christ can increase in significance. In this sermon, Pastor Mike will illustrate how John the Baptist gives us the framework for a living testimony.

What does gospel transformation look like in your life? Can you see how your life is being transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ? In this sermon, Pastor Mike will illustrate through the testimony of John haw the Christian life is to seek daily transformation.

Sin is so grievous that it requires a Godman to save mankind from God. In this sermon, Pastor Mike will illustrate that only Jesus can fulfill this necessary requirement.

We Hope and pray that you are blessed, encouraged and enlightened though these sermons.

Consecration in Action

What is the cruciform life all about? How can we live in a way that leads us into greater transformation? In this sermon, Pastor Mike will show us through the words of the Apostle Paul that transformation begins with Christ and grows through God's Holy Spirit working in us.

Holiness - A Spiritual Discipline

What is personal holiness? The Bible calls us to live in holiness, but what does this mean and how do we accomplish it? In this sermon Pastor Mike will illustrate for us, through the Scriptures, that personal holiness is attainable and can be applied to our lives in very practical ways. He will also show us how achieving holiness is not far from us, because God's Spirit is working in us.

The Foundation For Life

How do you raise a child? What must we teach our children in order that they grow to one day confess Jesus as Savior and Lord? How do we keep our children's way pure, until they have the ability to make prudent decisions for themselves? All of these critical questions can, and are answered through the Bible. In this first part of a four part series, Pastor Mike will highlight for us God's mandate to train up our children according to His will. Within this mandate, we will see that God gives us particle steps to take in order to achieve the goals He has set for us and our children.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Being a confessing believer in Christ is not easy. Being separated from a worldly way of thinking and living will have its difficulties. Nevertheless, God promises to bless and encourage all those who trust in Him and faithfully follow His will for their life. In this sermon, Pastor's Mike Rojas and Jay Lee will illustrate for us that the glorified life, is the life that is fully given over to the will of God. For His glory and the glory of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Blessings & Curses

The ministry of God, the gospel of Jesus Christ and the development of the church, must be supported by the people of God. God does not need nor want a worldly bailout. The ministry of God cannot be supported by secular programs or unbelievers. No, the ministry of God must be supported by the people of God, and no one else. This is what God has desired and this is what we must accomplish. In this sermon, Pastor Mike will highlight for us the seriousness of giving our tithes and contributions to the church. In doing so, we will grow in our faithfulness and the ministry will abound.

God vs. World

Are you influencing the world for Christianity, or is the world influencing you? Believers in Christ are to called to live out their Christianity in public. In other words, as people interact with us, they must realize that we do not stand with worldliness, but that we stand with Christ. In this sermon Pastor Mike will show us that silence is complicity. And because God is not silent with regard to His will for mankind, neither should we be silent.

The Covenant Family

God is a god of covenants. He makes covenants with His people on how we must live with each other, and how we must worship Him. When we live outside of His covenants, we do damage to each other and to our relationship with God. In this sermon, Pastor Mike will illustrate for us the gravity of breaking covenant with each other and God, and how God calls us to repent and grow in the covenant of grace.

Faithless or Faithful?

Loving God first means siding with Him on all issues of life and religious practice. Anything less is faithlessness. So where do you stand on your views of life and religious practice? That is, how do you apply the teachings of the Bible to your life? In this sermon, Pastor Mike will prompt our thinking, through the Scriptures, in order to spark a reformation within our own hearts and minds.


To compromise ones self is to accept standards that are beneath what we would consider to be far less than acceptable. The world is always seeking for Christians to lower their standards in order "fit in". But, what does God say about this? In this sermon, Pastor Mike will show us through the Scriptures, that God calls His people to be steadfast and immoveable in their faith and practice. Anything less dishonors ourselves and God.

The Proven Love of God

Understanding the Love of God toward us in Christ Jesus is one of the keys to glorifying God throughout our lives. It is near to impossible to worship God, if one does not know how much He loves us in His Son, Jesus Christ. Through this understanding we draw near to God because we know that He has already moved closer to us. In this sermon, Pastor Mike will illustrate how God has proven His great love for us and because of this, our reply should be one of love and devotion toward Him.

A Life of Worship

How we worship God matters. Many people feel that it is acceptable to worship God the way that they deem acceptable; the way that is most convenient for them. This mindset is rooted in the heart of irreverence. In this new sermon series, Pastor Mike will illustrate for us through the Book of Malachi, that God is not pleased with our casual view of worship. No, God requires all people to worship Him with a heart that is fully given over to revering Him as the eternal King of glory. But know this, worship does not begin at church. No, worship begins in the heart and mind.

His Hand of Provision

It is difficult to give if you are worried about being left with nothing. Because of this we tend to give less than we know we should. But God calls believers in His Son to first trust in His hand of provision, and when we do, we become generous givers. Givers of our hearts, time, talents and then our treasures. So where do you stand in your giving? Through this sermon, Pastor Mike will illustrate for us how to become cheerful and generous givers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I Can't Get No Satisfaction

God is most glorified in us, when we are most satisfied in Him. So I ask you, how satisfied are you in God? These days it can be difficult to find satisfaction in anything, but the Bible teaches us that our satisfaction, joy and peace is rooted and grounded in the person and finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ. In this sermon, Pastor Mike will show us through the Scriptures how we can rejoice in the Lord regardless of our circumstances, and in this, we can develop deep satisfaction in the Lord our God.

The Resurrection Changes Everything

Today the Christian Church celebrates one of the greatest days of the year, because today we remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. He lived the life that we were supposed to live according to the Scriptures. He died the death that is due all who have sinned. Through these acts, Jesus became the perfect, sacrificial atonement of every person who would believe in His name. In this sermon, Pastor's Mike Rojas and Jay Lee will highlight the power of the resurrection and how this event, changes everything.

Jesus - Man, Myth or Savior and Lord?

Hosanna! Hosanna in the highest! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! Today is Palm Sunday, and for the Christian church, this is the day that we celebrate Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem as the King of kings and Lord of lords. The people were excited and praising Him, yet these praise would turn to scorn by the end of the week. What happened? In this sermon, Pastor Mike will help us understand what Palm Sunday represents and the complete journey and mission of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Religion or Gospel?

What saves a person from their sins? Is it religiosity, or is it the gospel? Many people, Christians included, have a hard time understanding this question because they believe that knowing and growing in the gospel is a religious act. Well the simple answer is this, the gospel of Jesus Christ is what saves a person - period. All of our religious acts are worthless if we do not understand the gospel (good news) of our salvation. In this sermon, pastor Mike will illustrate the difference between religion and gospel in an effort to help us grow, not by what we do, but by what we believe.

The Strong and The Weak

The chosen method of God, to spread the gospel and grow the church of the Lord Jesus Christ, is through people. And the way it works is like this: someone shares the gospel, the Holy Spirit enables the recipient to believe and accept the gospel. From this point forward, the new believer is strengthened by more mature believers to grow in the gospel. At a later point when the new believer is stronger, they share the gospel with another, and the process is duplicated over and over again. This is the life story of the strong and the weak in Christ.


What is holding you back from thriving in the Christian life? What chains from the past are keeping you bound up in captivity? In this sermon, Pastor Mike will illustrate for us, through the testimony of the apostle Paul, that we are not alone in this struggle, and that we can be freed from the bonds that hold us down. 

His Testimony

How righteous are you outside of Jesus Christ? Will your self imposed righteousness allow you to stand before the judgement seat of God? Before you answer, please take into account that Jesus said, in order for us to enter the kingdom of God, our righteousness must exceed that of the Pharisee's. The Pharisee's were the most dedicated and religious people of the 1st century. So if the Pharisee's righteousness isn't good enough to enter heaven, how can we get in? In this sermon, Pastor Mike will illustrate through the writing of the apostle Paul that the only righteousness that counts, is that of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we must be clothed in His righteousness in order to enter heaven.

The Power of Rejoicing

What is the joy of the Lord, and how do we receive it and thrive in it? Simply and profoundly put, the joy of the Lord is a supernatural gift that causes believers to rejoice in the person and work of Christ. And it is the work of Christ, in our lives, that frames the way we live out our life - through the good times and the bad. In this sermon, Pastor Mike will lay out for us who the people of the Lord's joy and how this joy safeguards our life and our faith.

Belief and Trust

It is one thing to say you believe what is written in the Bible. It's quite another, to trust in what you claim to believe about the Bible. In this sermon, Pastor Mike will illustrate that our beliefs must be manifested in the way we live. It is because the way we live, demonstrates what we are truly trusting in. 

Why can't we keep our resolutions?

Why can it be so difficult to keep our spiritual resolutions? Many times perhaps, it can seem like we are working all alone in this endeavor. But this is not the case. In this sermon Pastor Jay Lee will lay out a sound Biblical plan to help us achieve our resolutions and grow in our relationship with God.

Why can't we all just get along?

We just don't realize it, but the circumstances of our lives are the way they are, because many of our decisions are made with our own desires in mind first, then, second or third, the desire of God is taken into consideration. Because of this we may be living frustrated lives. In this sermon, Pastor Jay shows us how we can better get along in this life if we seek first the kingdom of God.

Where do you go to find the right answers?

In this sermon Pastor Jay Lee shows us that the word of God is capable of giving us the all sufficient answers that our lives need, There is no greater wisdom that the wisdom that is found in the word of God, the Bible.

No Fine Print - Part 2 of 2

What does it meant to our everyday life to follow Jesus Christ? Does the Bible sugarcoat the realities associated with being a disciple of Jesus? Did Jesus hold anything back when He called the people to follow Him? In this sermon pastor Mike will answer these questions for us through the words of Jesus Himself. But the bottom line is this, there is no hidden "fine print" when it comes to understanding the life that Jesus calls people to.

The Great Harvest - Part 1 of 2

To be a believer in Christ is to answer the call to follow Him. To follow Christ means you believe what He taught, You go where He sends, and you do what He requires of you. The issues facing the world today are deeply concerning and can surely be overcome if more people followed Jesus Christ. In this sermon, Pastor Mike illustrates how it has always been the will of Christ to have His disciples go into the fields of the world and reap the harvest of people He is calling to Himself. Let 2021 be the year that you eagerly follow Him.

Jesus, Our Example of Obedience

The birth of Jesus was only the first part of the gift of salvation. The second part of this gift was the life He lived. It was imperative that Jesus (God in the flesh) be the supreme example of how we must think and live. In this sermon, Pastor Mike shows us, through the life of Christ, that obedience toward God and His word is required of us, as it was, of the only Son of God.

Expressions of Love

How will Jesus find you when He returns? In what state of mind and practice will He find you? Will Christ find you embracing your pre-salvation mindset? Or, will He find you growing in your sanctification and expressing that growth in how you think and live? In this sermon, Pastor Mike illustrates for us that the Scriptures call us to express our love for the Triune God in How we think and live. But please note that God is not asking anything of us that He has not done Himself. God expressed His great love for us by giving His one and only Son - Jesus for our salvation.

The Joy of The Lord

In what do you find joy? This is actually a trick question because the answer should not be a thing, but a person. And not just any person-but God. In this sermon Pastor Mike will show us that the Bible teaches, that our joy must be from the Lord, and in the Lord, in order for it to be consistent and unwavering. Since this is the case, joy is not so much a feeling, but a mindset and attitude that is manifested in how believers live.

Waiting in Hope

The second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is eminent. He will return just like He said He would. So how will He find you when He does return? Will you be living for the moment? Or, will the Lord find you waiting for His return in hope? Our call as confessing believers is to wait for our Lord' return in complete faith and hope. In this sermon Pastor Mike takes us through how the Lord will return and what He requires from us as we wait upon Him.

Working Out Your Salvation

The call is clear for ever confessing believer in Christ Jesus - Work out your salvation! In this sermon Pastor Mike illustrates for us that God not only calls us to accomplish this, but He also helps us in the endeavor.


The chief principal, that undergird’s and strengthens, all of the attributes of a Christian, is Resolution. In other words, if we are to think as Christ calls us to think, if we are to live as Christ calls us to live, we must be people of Resolution. In this sermon, Pastor Mike shows us through the writings of the Apostle Paul, that we are called to embrace the attributes of our Lord Jesus Christ, and apply them to ourselves and manifest them in our lives. This is a resolute mindset that every Christian must embrace if we are to live transformed lives.

A Foundation of Unity

Doctrinal unity and unity within the church community are proofs of our unity with Christ. These unifying attributes are incumbent on the professed believer in Christ, and are to be manifested throughout their lives. In this sermon, Pastor Mike shows us, through the Scriptures, that we are to look at our lives in an effort to know that we are untied with Christ and His church. It is this foundation of unity that will guide our hearts and minds in this ever changing, and ever secularizing world.

The Sacred Task

In this day and age of moral confusion and ambiguity, mankind needs to hear the voice of God. His voice and mind are revealed to us in the Bible. It is mankind's duty therefore, to understand His will and apply it to our lives. Mankind will be judged by God's word regardless of whether we know it or not. Since this is the case, we owe it ourselves to know God's word. In this sermon, Pastor Mike will illustrate, through the Scriptures, that it is the sacred task of the minister to preach and teach the word, and it is obligation of the people to crave the word.

Faith Measured

What is the health condition of your faith? How do you measure the health of your faith? In this message Pastor's Jay and Mike illustrate for us that our giving is a key indicator of our faith/ Why? Because giving of our time, talents, and especially financial giving, magnifies our level of trust in God's promise to take care of all our needs. Since this Biblical truth applies to every confessing believer, we must confront our understanding of the condition of our faith, as measured in our giving.

Faith under Fire

What are you willing to sacrifice to follow Jesus Christ? Or stated another way, what is holding you back from living a life in Christ? Is it that you do not know what to do? Or could it be that you're afraid of what others will think of you, and how they may treat you if you are exposed as a believer? In this sermon, Pastor's Jay and Mike expound Matthew 10:34-39 in an effort to help us understand that Christ has not only called us to an active faith, but will give us all we need when our faith seems to be under fire.

Two Ways to Live

Understanding who is responsible for your salvation is critical to our lives in faith. If you can ascribe your salvation to your own good work, then you can lose it. However, if you are ascribing your salvation to the grace of God then you can never lose it. In this sermon Pastor Jay and Mike expound the truth regard the cause of our salvation, the vehicle of our salvation and the proof of our salvation.

Two Ways to Live

Walking by faith and not by sight means that believers in Christ are to live in a manner that proves that they are trusting in God for ALL Things. But please note that the call to walk by faith and not by sight is a commanded duty. In this sermon, Pastors Jay Lee and Mike Rojas illustrate for us the ever-present need to relinquish our trust in everything that we hold above Christ.


The gospel of Jesus Christ calls us to have an unwavering faith in His unwavering love and security. Never is this understanding needed more than when we are struggling in this life. But for the confessing believer, struggles do not define us. Rather, our struggles are to sanctify and encourage us all the more to be unwavering in Christ Jesus. In this sermon, Pastor Mike illustrates, through the writings of the apostle Paul, that all things, the good and the bad, can be used to strengthen our resolve in Christ.

Heart Condition

The Bible clearly teaches that our motivations matter. Why we do what we do, in Christ and for Christ, truly matters. The motives behind our evangelism and preaching are equally important to the message we proclaim. With this in mind, at the heart of all we do, we must be seeking the glorifications of God and the magnification of Christ. In this sermon, Pastor Mike shows us, through the writings of the apostle Paul, that selfless ambition should be at the center of all we do. 


The power of the gospel of Jesus Christ is unshakeable, undefeatable and can never be subdued. Why is this truth important to our faith and life in Christ? In this message, Pastor Mike shows us, through examples of the life of the apostle Paul, that God will fulfill His purpose in our lives regardless of the attacks of Satan, his demons or sinful mankind. Because of this indomitable truth, we can confidently excel in our sanctification regardless of any sufferings that come our way.

A Labor of Love

God has not promised us that our lives will be easy. In fact, the example that Jesus gave us as a suffering servant accurately depicts what believers will endure as they seek to follow Christ. The reason for this is that the church is to be completely different, or antithetical, to the world. Jesus and His apostles lived out this truth and established the church, and expanded it through their sufferings. As confessing believers, we must not only take note of this but be willing to endure our sufferings for Christ, and see them as a labor of love.

The Pro-Gospel Life

The pro-gospel life is a life that is fully trusting in the lordship of Jesus Christ. It is the life that understand that to live is Christ and to die is gain. In this sermon, Pastor Mike shows us that God cares for us to such a degree, that He inspired the apostle Paul to write this letter to the Philippian church, and us as confessing believers, so that we would be encouraged to live the pro-gospel life.

Why do I have to Suffer?

Why do Christian's have to suffer for the sake of knowing, and being associated with, Jesus Christ? Shouldn't our lives be easier because we have confessed Christ as Lord? How can I find joy in a life with Christ that includes suffering? To pretend that these questions do not pertain to our lives in Christ, is to deny the power of the gospel. When the gospel changes our hearts, it puts us at odds with the rest of the world and more importantly, with the spiritual enemies of Christ. In this message, Pastor Jay Lee will help us understand how to count our sufferings, in Christ, as pure joy.

The Heart of Worship

There are so many reasons for people, believer's and non-believer's alike, to praise God. He gives us life. He furnishes us with all that we need to be sustained. Yet above these, God offers us eternal life in His Son, Jesus Christ. Through Jesus, God does not treat us as our sins deserve, but gives us grace and mercy. Sadly however, many people will only choses to praise and worship God based on their circumstances. If things are going good, praise God. If things are going not as planned, what's the point in praise. So I ask you this day, which person are you?


Everyone wants to know that they have a purpose in this life. So, what is your purpose? How does your purpose fit into the plan that God has for all mankind? Are you living out your purpose? The answers to these questions can only be found in the Holy Scriptures. For there to be true contentment in ones life, true direction, we must listen to the words of Christ in order to understand our purpose.


A Message of Wisdom

The message of the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ is quite often viewed as a foolish one. In their rejection of the gospel, the unbeliever thinks that they have chosen a wise path for their life. But, in the final analysis of life, the truth about the consequences will be revealed. That truth is that the message of the cross is a message of wisdom, and their rejection of Jesus Christ was a foolish act.

Living on The Edge

Living the Christian life is difficult. The process of sanctification is difficult. Nevertheless, believers in Christ are called to walk closely with their Lord and never stray from His side. In this sermon, Pastor Mike will illustrate how this is a common dilemma in the life of a believer. Yet God is faithful and will not allow us to be tempted beyond our ability to resist the sins that cling so closely to us.

The Unshakable Promise

How can a confessing believer stand unshakable during difficult times in their life? Can we be assured that all circumstances, both good and bad, will be worked out for our good? Is there any assurance for us in this life? The answers to all of these questions can be found in Romans 8:28. In this great verses, God promises to take special care of His children who love Him and are called according to His purpose. So be encouraged and rest assured that God is in control of all things!

Saved & Entrusted

God has saved us in His Son for a purpose. Each of us will achieve this purpose differently. However, we will all accomplish this purpose as servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. The reason for this is that confessing believers in Christ have been entrusted with His gospel of salvation, reconciliation and glorification.

What Do You Want?

What do you want out of life? What do you want out of Christianity? Can the answers to these questions be found in the Bible or are you seeking the answers in something, or someone else? The way we answer these questions prove whether or not we are truly being transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Additionally, how we answer these question shows the direction and trajectory for our Christian lives, if in fact we are actually Christians.

A Glorified Life

Are you satisfied with your life? Are you comfortable with the world around you? Do you want to know what real peace is? Well if you're ready for an eternal change of life, open the Bible and read! If you are ready to change your view of life and the world around you, search the wisdom of God. If you are seeking discernment, open the Bible, listen to the words of God and let your heart rest in Him!

People Need Jesus

What people need in every age more than money and prominence is the transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the power of the gospel that changes the heart of mankind and leads us to the security we need in this life. For this reason we must always remember that people need Jesus.

People of The Word

To whom do you turn when times get difficult? To what wisdom do you turn when it seems as if there is nothing but total confusion all around you? Do you have an anchor for your soul or are you drifting along the sea of life aimlessly? For the confessing believer in Christ, we have the eternal word of God to guide us and comfort us throughout every moment in our lives. We do not travel this life alone for we have the Holy Spirit of God to comfort and keep us. During these difficult times in our nation, what people need more than anything else is the word of God that leads to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Glorifying God

The greatest need for mankind is to know and glorify God. This is our purpose. This is the chief reason for which we were created and as we embrace this purpose we can live with unspeakable joy in God through Jesus Christ. Romans 11:36 helps us understand that we were created for this purpose, but it also gives us assurance of salvation. This assurance is what undergirds our joy and leads us to glorify God.

Disciples Praise

The natural response to a life changed by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ is praise toward God. Stated another way, the primary ambition and principal desire of every believer, every disciple of Christ, should be rendering to God the praise due His name. Psalm 113 shows us that believers have a call and an innate desire to praise God and call others to the same. Furthermore, it is the praise of God that inflames our love and adoration of God and leads to the glorification of Him.

Bearing Fruit

How do we grow in our faith as Christians? How do our thoughts and actions mirror those of the one we claim as Lord and Savior? Why does any of this even matter in the life of a believer? Well the answers to these questions are critical to our growth as believers and can be found in six short words - "bear fruit in keeping with repentance".

It is repentance that leads us to Christ and it is the fruit that is birthed from continual repentance that matures us in Christ.

God Always Wins

To be a disciple of Jesus Christ is to love the will of God. This does not happen over night. Learning to love the will of God requires Biblical knowledge, prayer and a heart that is constantly being softened by the Holy Spirit. In the Book of Jonah we see the minor prophet doing the opposite of what God called him to do. In stead of running into God's will, he runs from God's will. We can learn much from this story because if we're honest, we would agree that there is actually a bit of Jonah in all of us.

God Cares For His Own

If you have believed in Jesus and your Savior, the Lord has got you in His grip! If you have trusted Christ as your Lord, the Lord has you in His grip! If you have received the gift of the Holy Spirit, the Lord has got you in His grip! The Triune God has promised to never forsake His children and He has proven it over and over again. If you have been converted from a child of wrath to a child of God as Paul tell us the Eph. chapter 2, then the Lord will keep you safe in His mighty grip.

Sin is Eternally Deadly

In order to be a faithful disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ we must speak the truth to people no matter how harsh the truth is. Sin is that subject that most people, especially unbelievers, don't want to talk about. But people cannot appreciate the good news of Jesus Christ without understanding the bad news about sin. In the same way, a confessing believer cannot bear fruit in keeping with repentance unless they take to heart the gravity of sin. For these reasons, every human being must read, understand and submit to the Holy Scriptures. It is through the Bible that we comprehend the severity of sin and the beauty of God's forgiveness in Jesus Christ.

Is Jesus Your Lord?

How does Jesus lord over your life? The Bible teaches that only through the Holy Spirit working in us, can we truly call Jesus Lord. And if this is the case in your life, how do you know what your Lord requires of you? The only viable answer is that Jesus Lords over the life of the believer through the reading and spiritual comprehension of the Scriptures. It is through the word of God that Christ instructs His followers and develops them as His disciples.

He Is Risen!

He Is Risen! He Is Risen Indeed! Jesus was raised on the third day from the grave according to the Scriptures and as the apostle Paul taught, "for our justification".


Let us therefore rejoice within our hearts and praise God with our voices this Resurrection Sunday. 

The Lord's Supper

Should Christian's partake of the Lord's Supper on their own? The apostle Paul would say no. Every time we read of the celebration of the Lord's Supper, it is done in the presence of the congregation. We therefore, must wait to come together to celebrate the sign and seal of our faith. This waiting makes the coming together a sweeter occasion.

Who Do You Say He Is?

It matters eternally who you believe Jesus is. Equally important is how you live out, who you believe Jesus is. His triumphant entry into Jerusalem close to 2,000 years ago signaled the fulfillment of a righteous savior that was promised thousands of years earlier by God, just after Adam and Eve committed the first sins in the Garden of Eden. His coming was foretold through Old Testament prophesies and His life fulfilled the righteousness requirements of God for His people. It is because of Jesus and His triumph over sin and death that all those who have put their trust in Him as Savior and Lord will triumph over this life and the next. So again, who do you say He is?

Our Good Shepherd

There are so many voices speaking into our lives, that at times it can be difficult to know who to listen to. For this reason Jesus proclaimed Himself as our Good Shepherd. As our shepherd it is Christ who leads us throughout our lives. It is His voice and His alone that should influence our thoughts and actions. When our ears are tuned to His voice, His calling, it is then that our lives take on a new focus, a new trajectory. So, where do you find yourself today? Are you listening to the voice of Christ, or are you listening to the voice of another?

Living Victoriously

During times such as these we as a people and as a nation, can feel defeated. We look around the world and see the suffering and death that this pandemic has caused and it’s easy to feel depressed and defeated. But take heart, because in Christ we are not a defeated people. The coronavirus may have the power to take lives and we pray that it doesn’t, but this virus can never rob us of our eternal hope that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.


Since this is the reality for those who are in Christ, we are called to live victoriously!

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